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As we explained on the home page of our website. The term farm collie does not refer to one specific breed of dog. There are several breeds which are considered collies. They are all herding dogs. They have origins in Scotland and the surrounding region.

We choose to call our dogs "farm collies" for a few reasons. After looking at several collie breeds and the work of other breeders, we decided that we wanted to cross two existing breeds- the Scotch Collie (Rough Collie) and the English Shepherd. The resulting offspring will be a good, healthy farm dog with the characteristics we love from each breed. But we can't call it a Rough Collie or an English Shepherd. The dog will have looks similar to many of the collie type dogs that lived on American farms for generations.
We also like the term "farm collie" because it reminds people that this is a farm dog. They were bred to live on farms, to work with families, and to work with livestock. They thrive in that environment.

If you read advice about dogs on the internet, you will see endless information about how dogs must live inside. People truly believe that dogs cannot be happy outside in a farm environment. But our dogs are very happy outside. They get lots of attention as we work outside next to them. They love to hang out as we do our chores. When our kids get home from school, we make them put down their tablets, computers, and video games and go outside to play with the dogs. It was a deal that kids commited to when we agreed to get the dogs. Do the kids complain? Of course they do. But they love their dogs, they love living on a farm. And this is the life that we choose as a family.